Dr. David Baston | Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialist Abu Dhabi
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Dr. David Baston, PT, SCS, CSCS

Following graduation from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in 1992, David served as a clinical director for a private sports medicine rehabilitation company in Boston working with many of the doctors and athletes from professional sports organizations such Major League Baseball, the National Football League and the National Basketball Association. In addition, he worked closely with the organizers of the Boston Marathon, as well as local rugby, Gaelic football and soccer clubs to provide state of the art physiotherapy, conditioning and fitness services for their athletes.

In 1997, he became one of only 500 physiotherapists in the United States to qualify as a Board Certified Sports Specialist. Later that year, he completed study that awarded him the title of Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist allowing him to combine his passion for sports conditioning with his rehabilitative skills.

David began traveling to the Gulf region with Dr. Brown in the year 2000 as part of a visiting medical team providing sports rehabilitation and education for patients and local health care providers. In early 2007, David relocated to Abu Dhabi to serve as a sports rehabilitation consultant providing rehabilitation, education and lectures all around the Emirates. He continues to serve as a guest speaker providing lectures in the USA and the Gulf ranging on topics from successful marathon training to ACL reconstruction rehabilitation.

In early 2013, David joined the IKJC team as the Director of Rehabilitation and began the process of designing and outfitting our current physiotherapy clinic. In conjunction to treating patients and directing the rehabilitation clinic, David serves as a sports rehabilitation consultant to local schools and sports clubs in Abu Dhabi.

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