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May 2019

Dr. Charles H. Brown Jr. & Ronald van Hawarden perform life surgeries at Pune Knee Course in April 2019.


IKJC is the educational partner of the 9th Pune Knee Course and the 3rd Pune Knee Rehab Course.

The 9th Pune Knee Course and the 3rd Pune Knee Rehab course concluded on 27th April. It was attended by about 1200 delegates from India and overseas. It had a fantastic feedback from both faculty and delegates and was indeed a satisfactory feat to have achieved.

We had given free entry to more than a 100 PG orthopaedic students and interns with a view to giving expose to them to a fully loaded scientific program.

February 2019

Dr. Ronald J. van Heerwaarden & Professor Sebastien Parratte Both giving a lectureinLondon Knee Osteotomyconference


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February 2019


October 2018

A strong collaboration between International Knee & Joint Centre “IKJC” in Abu Dhabi and the Institute for Locomotion in France to share the clinical, research, teaching and innovation experiences in Knee surgery.

IKJC Locomotion Institute

The Institute for Locomotion is a research Institute dedicated to the research related to osteo-arthrititis, sport medicine and osteoporosis. The Institute for Locomotion has been recognized in 2017 as one of the International Society of Orthopaedic Centers (ISOC). It’s the only one in France and there is only a few in Europe and in the US

Professor Jean-Noel Argenson, Director of the Institute for Locomotion, from Marseille in France linked to the Aix-Marseille University (the biggest French-speaking University) based in south of France. Professor Argenson is the past-President and founding member of the European Knee Society. He founded the Institute for Locomotion with Professor Flecher and Professor Parratte in 2012 in Marseille.

Abu Dhabi, Thursday 18 October 2018

International Knee & Joint Centre is Centre of Excellence specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with knee and joint injuries and disorders for patients in the UAE and the Middle East the Centre is managed by Dr. Charles H Brown Jr., Director of IKJC is an orthopaedic surgeon certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery specializing in sports medicine. Dr. Brown is an internationally recognized authority on the treatment of knee ligament injuries and complex knee problems. Dr. Brown completed his orthopaedic training at the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Training Program in Boston, Massachusetts.

Professor Sebastien Parratte Director of IKJC Arthroplasty Department with the team of the Institute for Locomotion submitted last week a scientific paper on the use of antibiotics in Porous metal for Total Knee arthroplasty to compete for an American Knee Society Award in 2019. A strong collaboration is starting between the IKJC and the Institute for Locomotion to share the clinical, research, teaching and innovation experiences in Knee surgery to raise the standards to new level.

The surgeons from the IKJC and the Institute for Locomotion are recognized as world-famous experts in Knee surgery and are all certified by the Orthopaedic Surgery Boards in their respective countries. All have published numerous medical articles, written book chapters, and edited textbooks in their fields of expertise. All are internationally recognized key opinion leaders.

August 2018

Abu Dhabi, August, 8th 2018 The First Persona® Partial Knee (PPK) is done at IKJC

  • The First Persona® Partial Knee (PPK) is done in the Middle-East at the International Knee Joint Centre #IKJC in Abu Dhabi.
  • The operation done by Professor Sebastien Parratte and his team at IKJC.
  • The PPK was started in France last year for the pre-clinical study and before only two months Professor Parrate performed the first PPK in Australia.
  • Professor Sebastien Parratte is happy to perform the first PPK in the Middle-East, in addition, it will be great to offer one of the best Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty system (UKA) to our patients at International Knee and Joint Centre “IKJC” in Abu Dhabi.

PPK is done at IKJC

April 2018

International Knee Surgeons Gather for First of Its Kind Event in UAE Symposium Featuring Live Arthroscopic Knee Surgeries Hosted by Dr Charles H Brown Jr

Kind Event in UAE Symposium

  • This two-day event featuring lectures, workshops and live surgeries is a first for the UAE and underlies the UAE’s leadership in the field of arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Surgeons from Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Norway, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt will attend the symposium at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 25 March 2018: The International Knee & Joint Centre, in association with Smith & Nephew, hosted over 100 leading surgeons from across the World for a Knee Arthroscopy Live Surgery Symposium at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

The Symposium, held on 24-25 March, 2018, was led by Dr Charles Brown Jr., MD, Director of the International Knee & Joint Center.

Dr Brown, a member of the prestigious ACL Study Group is a pioneering American orthopaedic surgeon, surgeon educator, innovator and one of the most accomplished and experienced orthopaedic surgeons in the UAE in the areas of knee arthroscopy, meniscal surgery, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, revision ACL reconstruction, complex knee ligament reconstructions and patellofemoral joint problems.

During the two-day seminar, live surgeries were streamed to the visiting surgeons from China, Russia, India, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Norway, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt

The live surgeries were performed by Dr Brown and his associate, Dr James Robinson, FRCS (Orth) MS, Consultant Orthopaedic of the International Knee & Joint Center.

Dr Robinson is an internationally recognized specialist knee surgeon, registered with the Royal College of Surgeons in the UK and a winner of the BASK (British Association for Surgery of the Knee) Presidents medal.

The event was a first of its kind for the UAE and was designed for surgeons from across the world to improve their knowledge, and observe and discuss the latest surgical procedures to treat meniscal and ACL injuries.

The symposium helped the visiting surgeons to further increase their knowledge about knee arthroscopic surgery, as well as learn more about the latest techniques in ACL surgery and options for saving the meniscus.

Speaking on the importance of the Symposium both for the UAE and internationally, Dr Brown commented:

“We are delighted to have welcomed so many eminent surgeons to the International Knee & Joint Center and Burjeel Hospital here in Abu Dubai.

This was a unique event for the UAE in such an important area of global healthcare

Our Centre specializes in the treatment of patients with sports-related and degenerative disorders of the knee, hip shoulder and elbow, and we pride ourselves on the pioneering techniques that we have developed and use to treat our patients in the UAE and region.

We have also demonstrated how to use the latest Smith & Nephew surgical devices effectively and safely.

The symposium is an important example of the world-class care available in Abu Dhabi in line with the UAE’s 2030 vision towards achieving the highest standards of education and healthcare provision.”

استضافها “المركز العالمي للركبة والمفاصل” بالتعاون مع “سميث آند نيفيو”
خبراء دوليون في جراحة الركبة يجتمعون في أبوظبي

استضاف “المركز العالمي للركبة والمفاصل”، بالتعاون مع شركة ’سميث آند نيفيو‘، أكثر من 100 من أهم الجراحين من مختلف أنحاء العالم ضمن “ندوة جراحة الركبة التنظيرية الحية”، والتي أقيمت في “مستشفى برجيل” بأبوظبي.

وعُقدت الندوة يومي 24 و25 مارس 2018 تحت إشراف الدكتور الأمريكي تشارلز براون، مدير “المركز العالمي للركبة والمفاصل”، وعضو “رابطة دراسة الرباط الصليبي الأمامي” (’إيه سي إل ستادي جروب‘)، والمعروف بدوره الريادي في مجال جراحة العظام والتعليم والابتكار الجراحي، حيث يُعد أحد أفضل جراحي العظام في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة – من حيث الخبرة وسجل الإنجازات – في مجالات تنظير مفصل الركبة، وجراحة الغضروف الهلالي، وإعادة بناء الرباط الصليبي الأمامي، وتعديل عملية إعادة بناء الرباط الصليبي الأمامي، وعمليات إعادة بناء أربطة الركبة المعقدة ومشاكل المفصل الرضفي الفخذي.

وشهدت الندوة حضور جراحين من الصين وروسيا والهند وأوكرانيا والتشيك وليتوانيا والنروج وأستراليا والمملكة العربية السعودية والأردن والكويت ومصر، والذين تابعوا بثاً حياً لعمليات جراحية أجراها الدكتور براون برفقة مساعده الدكتور جيمس روبنسون، زميل الكلية الملكية للجراحين (جراحة العظام) والحاصل على ماجستير العلوم، واستشاري جراحة العظام لدى “المركز العالمي للركبة والمفاصل”؛ وهو متخصص و معروف عالميًا في جراحة الركبة ومسجل لدى الكلية الملكية لجراحي إنجلترا في المملكة المتحدة، إضافةً إلى أنه حائز على ميدالية رؤساء الاتحاد البريطاني لجراحة الركبة.

وتُعد هذه الندوة الأولى من نوعها على مستوى الإمارات العربية المتحدة، حيث أقيمت بهدف إتاحة الفرصة للجراحين من مختلف أنحاء العالم لتعميق معلوماتهم حول الجراحة التنظيرية للركبة، إلى جانب متابعة ومناقشة أحدث العمليات والتقنيات الجراحية المجراة لمعالجة أذيات الرباط الصليبي الأمامي وأذيات الغضروف الهلالي والخيارات المتاحة للمحافظة عليه. وقد تحدث الدكتور براون عن أهمية هذه الندوة على مستوى الإمارات العربية المتحدة والعالم، قائلاً: “نحن سعداء لاستضافتنا هذا العدد الكبير من أهم الجراحين العالميين في “المركز العالمي للركبة والمفاصل” و”مستشفى برجيل” هنا في أبوظبي، إذ تشكل هذه الندوة حدثاً فريداً على مستوى الإمارات العربية المتحدة، وتتناول مجالاً هاماً للغاية من الرعاية الصحية العالمية. ويتخصص مركزنا في علاج المرضى ممن يعانون من اضطرابات متصلة بممارسة الرياضة واضطرابات تنكسية في الركبة ومفصل الورك والكتف والمرفق؛ ونحن فخورون بالتقنيات الريادية التي طورناها لعلاج مرضانا في الإمارات العربية المتحدة والمنطقة. وقد جاءت هذه الندوة، والتي قدمنا خلالها تطبيقاً عملياً في استخدام أحدث الأجهزة الجراحية من إنتاج شركة ’سميث آند نيفيو‘ بفعالية وأمان، لتشكل مثالاً هاماً على الرعاية ذات الطراز العالمي التي تقدمها أبوظبي بما ينسجم مع رؤية الإمارات 2030 والتي تهدف إلى تحقيق أعلى معايير الخدمات على مستوى التعليم والرعاية الصحية”.

April 30th - May 2nd, 2015

3rd Emirates International Orthopaedic Congress
Location: Event Centre Dubai Festival City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Faculty: Dr. Brown and Dr. Fabrizio
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April 2015

Human Tissue Bank in Abu Dhabi :

IKJC established a tissue bank for allograft tendons used in knee ligament reconstruction surgery and revision ligament reconstruction or in patients with multiple ligament deficiency whom need surgeries such as :

  • ACL “anterior cruciate ligament” Surgeries” .
  • Revision ACL “anterior cruciate ligament” Surgeries”.
  • PCL “posterior cruciate ligament” Surgeries

Patients with multiple ligament deficiency had to be treated abroad, but not anymore!

Today, International Knee and Joint Centre is providing these tissues combined with expert surgeons who are highly specialized in performing these type of surgeries.

بنك للانسجة البشرية في ابو ظبي :

قام المركز العالمي للركبة والمفاصل بتأسيس بنك للأنسجة البشرية والتي سوف تستخدم للمرضى الذين يحتاجون إعادة بناء عدةأربطة في الركبة ومنها :

  • إعادة بناء الرباط الصليبي الأمامي
  • إعادة بناء الرباط الصليبي الخلفي
  • إعادة بناء رقعة الرباط الصليبي

سابقاً كان على المرضى الذين يحتاجون لعمليات بناء عدة أربطة السفر خارج الامارات العربية المتحدة لعدم توفر هذه الانسجة البشرية و إضافة الى ان هذا النوع من العمليات يحتاج الى خبرة عالية من قبل الجراحين.
حالياّ تتواجد هذه الانسجة بالمركز العالمي للركبة و المفاصل بأبوظبي حيث يقدم المركز العالمي للركبة و المفاصل نخبة من الجراحين الإستشاريين الذين لديهم خبرة عالية في العمليات الجراحية للأربطة و المفاصل.

31 October - 1 November 2014

Emirates Sports Medicine Summit
Location: Park Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Speakers: Dr. Charles and Dr. Fabrizio
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October 2014

Anatomic ACL reconstruction Techniques. In Sports Injuries, 2nd edition, Springer Verlag in press.

October 2014

Invited international faculty, Complex Knee Course, Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Centre, London, Ontario, Canada.

September 2014

Invited international faculty, Turkish Society of Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery, Izmir, Turkey

September 2014

Chairman, Dublin Knee Sport Injury Course, Dublin, Ireland

July 2014

Invited international faculty, Vail International Complex Knee Symposium, Vail, CO, USA

July 2014

Faculty, Anatomic ACL Reconstruction Instructional Course, Annual meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, Seattle, Washington, USA

July 2014

Invited international faculty, Cadaveric Knee Instructional Course, Utrecht, Netherlands

July 2014

Faculty, Smith and Nephew Endoscopy Cadaveric Knee Workshop for Chinese surgeons, Andover, MA

July 2014

Invited international faculty, Cadaveric Knee Instructional Course, Utrecht, Netherlands

June 2014

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction book chapter in Knee Surgery, ed, Ashok Rajgopal, Publisher, Jaypee

June 2014

Chairman & faculty, Smith & Nephew Knee Course, Istanbul, Turkey

June 2014

Invited Faculty, Smith & Nephew: Save the Meniscus Course, York, UK

May 2014

Management of ACL Injuries in Athletes: Technical Considerations of ACL Reconstruction – Tibial and Femoral tunnel placement. ESSKA DVD

May 2014

Femoral bone tunnel placement (arthroscopic and fluoroscopic) book chapter, published in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Practical Guide, eds, Rainer Siebold, David Dejour, Stefano Zaffagnini. Publisher, Springer

May 2014

Smith & Nephew Booth presentation, 5 and 6-strand hamstring graft preparation, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

May 2014

Chairman, Smith & Nephew Anatomic ACL Reconstruction Workshop, ESSKA Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 2014

Chairman & faculty for Smith and Nephew Endoscopy Cadaveric Knee Training Workshop for Chinese surgeons, Andover, MA

January 2014

Presentation ACL Study Group Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa

January 2014

Conducted 1st ACL tunnel placement study at an ACL Study Group Meeting, Cape Town, South Africa

December 2013

Knee Repair Chairman, Smith and Nephew Global Insights: The Future of Hip & Knee Surgery, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 2013

Program Chairman, Smith and Nephew Global Advanced Master Knee Course, York, UK

October 2013

Invited international faculty, Knee Sports Injury Course, Georges on the Park, UK

September 2013

Invited international faculty, 6th Fall Meeting, TUSYAD (Turkish Society of Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy & Knee Surgery), Istanbul, Turkey

September 2013

Program Chairman and faculty, Knee Sports Injury Course, Dublin, Ireland

May 2013

Anatomic ACL Reconstruction presentation, Smith and Nephew Workshop, ISAKOS Meeting, Toronto, Canada

May 2013

Smith & Nephew Booth presentation, “Meniscal repair”, ISAKOS Meeting, Toronto, Canada

May 2013

Program Chairman and faculty, Smith & Nephew Endoscopy Workshop: Anatomic ACL Reconstruction: A Global Perspective, ISAKOS Meeting, Toronto, Canada

April 2013

Presentation, Anatomic ACL Reconstruction, ASPETAR, Doha, Qatar

January 2013

Faculty, Arab Health Orthopaedic Conference, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

January 2013

Publication, Medial portal technique for single-bundle anatomical anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. Journal, International Orthopaedic (SICOT)

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