International Knee & Joint Center Safety Measures Against Covid-19

International Knee and Joint Center is pleased to welcome our patients back with following the Internationally recommended safety measures against covid-19 to ensure a healthy environment while the community has been encouraged by the local authorities, to remain home to control the spread of the pandemic.

At International Knee and Joint Center, you can be confident and assured that we will provide you with a safe and clean environment during your visit to receive the medical care. Wide range of precautionary measures and best practices have been developed and adopted by our health care professionals with a view to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and caregivers.

Herein presenting briefly the safety measures implemented by IKJC team:

Personal Protective Equipment

The health and safety of patients, associates and staff at International knee and Joint center is of utmost priority to us. We are adopting the personal protective equipment designed according to the internationally recommended safety standards to safeguard and protect our patients and healthcare professionals. All health care workers at IKJC are well trained on the donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment’s.

Temperature Checking

Temperature checks at the entrance have been initiated as a precautionary measure hence no personnel with high temperature will be allowed to enter any premises of the center. Staff temperature is being checked daily and recorded at the beginning of the shift to safeguard the interest of all.

Physical Distancing

In line with the Guidelines issued by the government authorities, we have implemented physical distancing taking in consideration the safe distance between each patient which includes re-arrangement of seats in waiting areas and Educational posters have been displayed at the center to promote the healthy behavioral patterns such as avoid hand shaking, maintain physical distancing of no less than 2 meters between each other’s, wash hands with soaps water regularly, etc.

Face Mask

All visitors and caregivers should wear a face mask while they are at the center as it is one of the preventive measures to limit spread of Covid-19.

Cleanliness & Sanitization

The International Knee and Joint Center has always followed the highest international recommended standards of hygiene and sterilization in all departments. In light of the pandemic that we are witnessing today, we have increased the intensity of deep sterilization operations for all departments and work environments in regular intervals in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone visiting the clinic.

COVID – 19 Test

As part of the preventive measures followed by International Knee and Joint Center, all staff are being tested for Covid-19 on regular basis for early detection and safety of the patients and other staff.

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  • BMI Healthcare
  • Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS)